What I have done this Summer

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not written in a while. This summer I have been spending time with my cousin Darin, swimming in pools or the lake every week, working with my cows, and lazying around. My cousin Darin is a sophomore in high school and loves theater. We hang out a lot and spend time at the lake. He and my other cousin Sydney love gymnastics and we usually have sore muscles after all the gymnastics we do together. Sydney is a ex-cheerleader who now does gymnastics and she loves to coach us in all we do. Right now she has me doing a handstand and a cartwheel, Darin can do a backflip, handstand, cartwheel, and round off, along with a lot of other stuff that if i attempted to accomplish i would end up in the emergency room. We also love to do cheerleading acrostunts when we can. My family and i have been hanging out at our friends pool after church most Sundays along with numerous trips to the lake near our house.

I have a cow show next week that will determine whether i am able to attend the Big E 4h fair at Eastern States Expo this fall. The better my animals do, the better chance I have. Please keep that in prayer.Most of all i have been lazying around. I wish i could say that I slept in until 9 every morning, but chores must be done at 7. I hope you all are having a great summer and looking forward to the next school year as you all continue to your next step in life.

Farm Girl

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