Ebeneezer Scrouge…. The Play

My church (Crosspoint Church in Lebanon, NH) is putting on the Christmas play Ebeneezer for the second time. We put it on a couple years ago, but hadn’t for years. Our pastor wrote an adaption of the original play The Christmas Carol. (Have you heard of it?)  Our whole congregation gets involved in it. My sister and I played roles as young kids and office workers, while my dad played the equivalent of Bob Cratchet. This year we decided to do the play for a second time. This year was a little harder than the last time because all of us have grown up and some people have moved away. We had to rewrite the script a little to fit some of our ages better. Even your TA for the year Josh King is in it. The play is going to be on December 7 at 6pm and on December 9 at 10:30 am. Our website’s event page says that it is on December 8 and 9, but that is not correct. The correct dates are on the church calendar. I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come. I have attached a link to our church website, you will find all the information like time and place on it.


2 thoughts on “Ebeneezer Scrouge…. The Play

  1. Farm Girl, thank you for letting us know about the play. Are you traveling all the way back here to be in it? We would love it if you can stop by sometime!

    Miss Hellickson just walked in and says hi and sends hugs!

    Since you’re not children anymore, what part of the play are you going to be? (Adelle and Joshua)

    Josh is a great helper in our class! (Gemma, Luke, and David)

    Josh plays basketball, and we cheer for him! (Danny)

    Josh is a really good person to help us play math games (Annabella)

    Josh is good, and he helps people as much as he can. He is funny! (Charlotte and Jonah)

    1. Hi Everyone,
      To answer your questions, yes we are traveling back. We actually went back to our church in Lebanon. Every Sunday we are up there for church and then on Wednesday night for play practice. I will be playing a couple roles in the play: a office worker, a kid at vbs, and myself. Josh has told me about you guys, so I feel like I’m back there. All of you have grown up so fast! Hi Miss Hellickson, Im hugging you too. Merry Christmas!

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