10 Reasons Why I Prefer February to January

  1. February is 3 days shorter than January (unless it’s leap year, then it’s 2 days shorter).
  2. Valentine’s Day is during February (bring on the chocolate and flowers!).
  3. We get a week of vacation off from school during February (February Vacation!).
  4. Most people have forgotten their New Year’s resolutions (you don’t have to listen to them tell you what their resolutions are.)
  5. February is one month closer to spring (yeah!)
  6. The days are getting increasingly longer in February (almost time to set the clocks forward).
  7. It is the only month that starts with the letter “F”, January share the letter “J” with June and July.
  8. February is a dairy promotion month (most farmers call it Febru-Dairy).
  9. Your used to writing the current year (goodbye 2018, hello 2019).
  10. ¬†Your one month closer to summer vacation (June can’t come soon enough!)

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