Announcement: ATB

Hi everyone,

I am announcing that Bright Eyes and I are starting a series of blog posts called ATB: According to the Bible. We are going to be picking a topic like school, friends, ex… and exploring what the Bible says about it. We will alternate back and forth each week and Bright Eyes will be the first off next week since I am going to be showing cows. We would like you feedback and suggestions for topics. Until next time, hope you all are enjoying school!


Farm Girl

4 thoughts on “Announcement: ATB

  1. Your idea is absolutely fabulous, Farm Girl, and we will look forward to the posts so very much. We are introducing blogging this week, and we will practice writing comments together, so your post will give us the perfect opportunity. We can’t wait for this!

  2. Here we are! Miss Blessing’s class! Thank you, Bright Eyes and Farm Girl, for this fantastic idea. One topic we would like to know ATB is what to do if you see bullying and also what to do if you are bullied when no grownup is around. Another is whether you should have pets or not, or what the Bible says about pets. Sometimes we have situations where a person feels left out of the friendships at recess, and we wondered what the Bible has to say about that feeling and how to solve that problem. We’ll keep thinking and put some more ideas on Bright Eye’s blog post later. Thank you!

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