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Hi everyone,

Since I am now in high school I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do for my future career. I know that this might surprise you all but I have decided that I do not want my full time job to be as a farmer. Shocking! Instead I want to be a firefighter. It kind of came out of nowhere for me but the more I thought about it the more I decided that I wanted to pursue it. This march I joined my towns fire explorers. Explorers is a program through Boy Scouts of America that provides kids who are interested in public service careers like police, EMT, and firefighting access to training and learning from professionals. So the firefighters in my town are our advisers and kind of show us the ropes of firefighting. We are allowed to ride on the equipment and even have our own gear. There are six other members in my post with all of us in high school. I am enjoying it so much and learning a lot! I have really fallen in love with it! My hope is to attend the Fire Academy and a community college for a Fire Science degree and then a full-time position somewhere. But no matter what I will always love dairy and the dairy industry. I hope that I will still be able to own cows my whole life and do firefighting.


Farm Girl

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  1. Hi Farm Girl, that explorers program sounds like a lot of fun! I think it’s awesome that your already thinking about your future career and where you’re going to go to college, I still don’t have any idea what I want to do. I was wondering, do you know why you suddenly want to become a firefighter or is that a mystery to you? If you want you can check out my blog at:
    – Grace &heart;

    1. Hi Grace,
      The explorers program is a lot of fun. I have made a ton of new friends that are very supportive. I don’t really know why I wanted to become a firefighter besides I have read a lot of books and my best friend and I were discussing it and it kind of came up.

  2. Farm Girl,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! And I must say, I am always amazed when young people think about a career as a first responder! It is a very noble thing to do with your life. It sounds like you’ve really given it a lot of thought. I wish you luck!

    I especially like the clean look of your blog. It is easy to read, and your “voice” comes through your writing. Is that you in the photo?? I liked that I could click on it and the photo enlarged (I have older eyes!).

    Karen Scott

  3. Karen Scott,
    Thank you for the comment. That is me in the photo. It was my first night at the explorers and they just threw me right in!

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