10 Movies to Watch If You Are Stuck Inside

Hello again! I have just been in a spirit of writing these last couple days! I am a movie fanatic. I have watched all of the movies on this list over three times each because they are just sooooo good!!! So in no particular order here are ten movies to watch if you are stuck inside.

The Greatest Showman (should probably watch with a parent)

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Finding Dory


Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale 2


Quest for Camelot

The Greatest Showman has to be one of my all time favorite movies in the world. I have probably watched it over a dozen times. Not only does it have two actors that I grew up watching (Zac Efron aka, Troy from High School Musical and Zendaya) but the story behind the movie is so inspiring. You will not look at circuses the same way trust me. I would advise having your parents pre-watch or watch will you depending on their comfort with some of the issues brought up in the movie.

All of the How to Train Your Dragon movies are AMAZING to watch. I enjoyed watching all three, although I have a particular fondness for the first one. Hiccup and Toothless are so dynamic together. The final movie my family watched in the theaters and it had me, my sister, and my mom crying by the end of it.

Finding Dory is just one of those movies that no matter how old you get you can appreciate it and still laugh along. I have to say my favorite character is that cranky old octopus and my favorite scene is them driving the stolen van (you have to watch it to know what I’m talking about).

Tangled is by far the best disney movie out there. Flynn Rider (Eugene) is the best character ever created. As my sister likes to point out, he is the only movie character to ever question why everyone else spontaneously bursts into song and dance. I also have a special place in my heart for Maximillian, he just cracks me up with his dislike for Eugene and Pascal. The music is also the best.

Both of the Dolphin Tale movies tell the heartwarming story of a boy and a dolphin named Winter after she is brought into aquatic rehabilitation center because of a defect in her tale. It is a story that will make you say ahhh at every turn. There is also a hilarious pelican that has a tendency of stealing visitors things.

Courageous is a Christian movie by the Kendrick brothers about a police officer after he loses his daughter. I always cry and laugh after watching it. My favorite part is the Snake King spanish part in the back of the police car. I would recommend watching as a family because of the fact that it does involve police officers and their line of work.

The final book on my list has to be my sister and mine’s all time favorite. Any rainy day, once we are done with our school work, you can find us watching Quest for Camelot on the VHS. Yep that’s hold old it is, I bet some of you don’t even know what a VHS is. It is the story of a young lady who wants to become a knight like her father for King Arthur and it involves two dragon that can’t fly, a blind guy, and a falcon with silver-tipped wings. Definitely a movie that you will remember and watch again many times in you life.

I hope you all enjoy and are able to check out some of these awesome movies. If you think of any movies I should watch, tell me about them in the comments below.

God Bless

4 thoughts on “10 Movies to Watch If You Are Stuck Inside

  1. Farm Girl, this is a fantastic list for us during these “stay at home” days! I like that you gave such a strong explanation for why you enjoyed each one. I have not seen a lot of them yet, so I will definitely follow your recommendations soon. It is really nice to have a trusted friend’s recommendation when there is so much to choose from out there. Wish I were watching together with your family though! I miss you all so much.

  2. Those are some great suggestions! I agree that in finding dory the stolen van part is funny.

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